Wednesday, 22 June 2011

"See I like makin' love myself. And I can make love for about three minutes! I do about three minutes of serious f*ckin', then I need eight hours sleep! And a bowl of Wheaties! "

Hi all! I been trying some new methods of painting to 'mature' my art style and make my images look more painterly. So it might be a while before a come back with something new as trying this process looks as though it may take its time. Trial and error, right? Anyway here's a painting I did this morning for you to enjoy for now.
Think I'm starting to get the hang of this portrait malarky! I know I need to do more environments, but I just love doing this. Anyway, time to behave and move on. I've got a plan and need to stick to it!

This painting is based on a screen grab from Richard Pryor: Live in Concert, made in 1979

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