Thursday, 22 September 2011


Out of all Batman's villains, Mr. Freeze is not only the most interesting and unique, but the most sympathetic. He's not a homicidal maniac or an agent of chaos, like the Joker. He never wanted to destroy Gotham or the World. He's not insane or corrupted by greed. All he cares about is finding a cure for his terminally ill wife. But his quest is so desperate and gone to such extremes that the haunting reality is he's created a monster he can never escape from. When I think of Mr. Freeze, I don't see an evil super villain. I see Victor. A cold, heart broken and lonely man who'd do anything for the one he loves.

That's what I tried to show in this image...


  1. Goodness, you are quite an astounding artist. I am thankful that my love for Victor Fries's character has lead me to the DeviantART equivalent of this picture, and to your blog. Absolutely incredible piece; I adore the emotion you portrayed perfectly in Victor's face, not to mention the picture in its entirety.

    Kudos to you. :)

    1. Hi there. Sorry for the delay in my reply, I didn't realize anyone was commenting on anything here!! Thank you very much for the kind words about my work! I really appreciate it and I'm glad to here there's another fellow fan of Victor Fries.