Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Knight: Elizabeth

OK, so lately I've been wanting to overhaul the character section of my portfolio. From looking at my previous work, I realized I had a lack of female character designs in there. SO! I devised a little challenge for myself:

Design 3 full female designs within 10 days. Simple.

I know 10 days sounds like a generous a mount of time, but factor in my job and, you know, general life stuff, it's not as straight forward. It's harder to find a block of X-amount of hours in-a-row to paint these days.

I also added in some rules. 1: The characters must visibly be from different genre and 2: The designs could not based around sex, sexiness, a staggering lack of clothing, boobs or any of the above. Other than that, it was fair game.

It's been a fun few days, but now I'm done Over the next couple of days, I'll be uploading these designs (in creation order) as well as some of the development stuff later on.

So here's the first design. The Knight: Elizabeth.

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