Thursday, 30 October 2014

Project Resurgence

Hello!  I'm currently working away on the next design brief on my Master's course, so a lot of the upcoming work I'm going to uploading here over the next couple of months will be related to that.  So, in order to give it all a bit of context, I thought I'd post this entry about the background of the brief.

The brief is to create a prison designed around 'exotic' creatures.  This a pretty open brief, and it has quite a lot of leeway over what we can do.  There's some basic information about the prison we need to keep and there are a set of character profiles that are also provided.

After whittling down a few early ideas (including a space prison) I've found something I like.  This is a module based around visuals and concept art, so story writing isn't exactly an 'important' factor.  However, I find it useful to have a basic narrative to give the project some focus.  So, brace yourself for a cliche ridden, plot-hole filled story...

Title: Project Resurgence.

Action survival, third-person game.

Government owned "STEM Research Facilities" has perfected cloning dinosaurs (exciting!).  On the exotic, but isolated, island of Isla de la Muerte, a dinosaur safari park has been opened with full attractions and resort.  The park is obviously a very popular destination receiving incredible amounts of tourists each year.

Unknown to the public however, the military are conducting experiments in secret facilities around the island.  They are experimenting with gene-splicing and bio-weapons.

One week, during a tropical storm, the island went dark.  All communication was lost.  No one returned from the island and no one was ever heard from again.

A year passes.  The government has declared the island a quarantine zone with no access by sea or air.  Access is strictly prohibited.

After exhausting every option, an aging billionaire is putting together a small team, including Chloe (you, the player).  Chloe is a veteran photo-journalist.  The billionaire has hired you, and the team, to find his daughter and her children (who were at the park when the island blacked out) as well as documenting what happened.

On the flight to the island, a hurricane strikes the plane, forcing a crash landing.  Chloe and the rest of the team are scattered across the island.

Chloe awakens unarmed and alone on the island.  Using only her instincts, she must fight for survival on this dinosaur invested island as well as facing the genetic horrors that have been created.

Like I say, story writing isn't my strong suit.  And you'd be forgiven if this brought back flashbacks of a particular Steven Spielberg film.  But this is workable enough for me to base an entire project around.

Next up, ideas...

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